The curatorial, educational and research activities of the Centre are to be organised into six major programs, the objectives of which are detailed below.

Biodiversity and Evolution of the Australian Flora.

The objective of this program is to conduct research into the taxonomy, systematics, evolution and phylogeny of the Australian flora, to determine the diversity, distribution, relationships and genetic systems of native genera and species as a contribution to the documentation of our biodiversity.

Botanical Data Management.

The objective of this program is to establish and manage flexible and effective databases of botanical information, accessible to researchers, government and the public, and to provide a national focus for and play a coordinating role in national botanical data management.

Conservation Biology and Management of Australian flora.

The objective of this program is to conduct research into the population dynamics, genetic diversity and ecological tolerances of the Australian flora and to apply the results to provide a basis for sustainable management of Australian vegetation and especially of its endangered species.


The objective of this program is to provide opportunities for post secondary school training and education in disciplines relevant to the activities of the Centre.

Herbarium Curation.

The objective of this program is to maintain the collections of the Australian National Herbarium to the highest curatorial standards and to further develop the taxonomic and geographic representativeness of the collections of Australian and biohistorically related floras.

Native Plant Resources.

The objective of this program is to encourage the sustainable use of Australian plants through research to identify, conserve and develop selected indigenous species for use as sources of genes for crop improvement, as new crops including cropping techniques for wild resources, or plants for landscaping, horticultural, pharmaceutical and industrial use.