The Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research seeks to contribute to Australia's needs for conservation and management of native species and ecosystems and enhance Australia's international standing in plant biodiversity assessment and conservation.

The Centre will apply strategic research in plant biology to determine the dimensions and importance of plant biodiversity for ecosystem integrity, and to provide a knowledge base for effective natural resource management and utilisation of native plant genetic resources.

Co-operative and Collaborative Arrangements

Outcome: Mutually productive collaborative programs and projects between the Parties and with national and international institutions and individuals.

Ensuring High Quality Scientific and Technological Research

Outcome: Productive botanical research of a high standard.

Outcome: Effective communication and acceptance of the Centre's research outcomes.

Scientific Collections

Outcome: Integration of herbarium and associated collections from ANBG and CSIRO.

Outcome: Management and curation of the combined collection to a high archival standard.

Outcome: An efficient specimen acquisition, exchange and loans program.

Outcome: Efficient, timely and reliable plant identification services.

Application of Research and Collection Information

Outcome: Research and information outputs from the Centre that reflect the needs of the Parties, the scientific community and the public.

Management and Budget

Outcome: Sound management planning for the Centre and its programs.

Outcome: Sound financial planning for the Centre and its programs.