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Australian Orchid Genera - an information and identification system

Authors: DL Jones, T Hopley, SM Duffy, KJ Richards, MA Clements, X Zhang
Contributor: M Garratt

Orchidaceae comprises about 9% of the Australian flora. Of the approximate 1700 indigenous species, about 1300 have been named and the rest await formal botanical recognition. The Australian orchid flora is mainly dominated by terrestrial species (86%) with the remainder (14%) adopting an epiphytic habit. Many terrestrial species are prominent flowering elements of the understorey in a range of habitats in the mesic parts of Australia, whereas the majority of epiphytes occur in tropical Queensland. This project presents the current status of orchid taxonomy, including the results of recent revisionary treatments affecting Australian Orchidaceae at generic level, in the form of an illustrated interactive key for the identification of Australian orchid genera, including supplementary information.


The project has been developed over a three-year period through dedicated efforts of a small team:

David Jones – botanist with wide experience of Australian flora, specializing in Orchidaceae. David led the project and contributed the essence of the product and all basic taxonomic, biological and ecological information, as well as preparing line drawings, electron micrographs and photos.

Tara Hopley – research assistant responsible for project coordination, character coding for genera, fact sheet preparation, image selection and incorporation, lots of energy to drive colleagues along.

Siobhan Duffy – graphic designer, with computing skills and expertise in Lucid keys, responsible for layout and design of the product, image enhancement and manipulation, fact sheet compilation, irish humour to balance the team.

Karina Richards – technical assistant involved in initial character coding, character notes and image selection.

Mark Clements – specialist in Orchidaceae, contributing the Australian Orchid Name Index, images and checking of distribution maps.

Xiufu Zhang – research assistant in early stages of project, character delimitation and coding.

Marion Garratt – technical assistant in early stages of project, enhancement of line drawings and initial coding.

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