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Crotalaria acicularis

Crotalaria acicularis Buch.-Ham. ex Benth.

Buchanan-Hamilton, F. ex Bentham, G. (1843) Enumeration of Leguminosae, indigenous to Southern Asia and Central and Southern Africa. Hooker's Journal of Botany and Kew Garden Miscellany 2: 476
TYPE:   "Wall. Cat. n. 5390 ... Eastern India. Masurgunj, Hamilton! Sillet, de Silva! Gomez! Mountains of Prome and Taong Dong, Wallich!"

White, C.T. (1936) Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland 47: 57

Munk, W.J. de (1962) Preliminary revision of some genera of Malaysian Papilionaceae III - a census of the genus Crotalaria. Reinwardtia 6(3): 195-223 (199-200)