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Desmodium heterocarpon var. strigosum

Desmodium heterocarpon var. strigosum Meeuwen

Knaap-van Meeuwen, M.S., Steenis, C.G.G.J. van & Stemmerik, J. (1961) Preliminary revision of sone genera of Malaysian Papilionaceae II. Reinwardtia 6(1): 95
TYPE:   "Kalkman B.W. 3596 (New Guinea) in L; isotypes in A, BO, CANB, P."

Ohashi, H. (1973) The Asiatic Species of Desmodium and Its Allied Genera (Leguminosae). Ginkgoana, contributions to the flora of Asia and the Pacific Region 1: 1-318 (215-216)
UNDER:   Desmodium heterocarpon subsp. heterocarpon var. strigosum
taxonomic Synonyms:

Hedysarum polycarpum Poir. ;  Candolle, A.P. de (Ed) (1825), Prodromus 2

Desmodium polycarpum (Poir.) DC. ;  Candolle, A.P. de (Ed) (1825), Prodromus 2: 334

Pedley, L. (1999) Desmodium Desv. (Fabaceae) and related genera in Australia: a taxonomic revision. Austrobaileya 5(2): 246, map 31