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Desmodium muelleri

Desmodium muelleri Benth.

Bentham, G. (1864), Flora Australiensis 2: 235
TYPE:   "N. Australia. Upper Victoria river, F. Mueller. Queensland. Bowen river, Bowman."
COMMENT:   Base name for Meibomia muelleri (Benth.) Kuntze.

Knaap-van Meeuwen, M.S. (1962) Preliminary revisions of some genera of Malaysian Papilionaceae V - a census of the genus Desmodium. Reinwardtia 6(3): 239-276 (249)
UNDER:   Desmodium filiforme Zoll. & Moreau

Pedley, L. (1999) Desmodium Desv. (Fabaceae) and related genera in Australia: a taxonomic revision. Austrobaileya 5(2): 241, map 27
Nomenclatural Synonyms:

Meibomia muelleri (Benth.) Kuntze ;  Kuntze, C.E.O. (1891), Revisio Generum Plantarum 1: 198