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Dillwynia parvifolia

Dillwynia parvifolia R.Br. ex Sims

Brown, R. ex Sims, J. (1812) Dillwynia parvifolia. Short-leaved Dillwynia. Curtis's Botanical Magazine 37: 1527, p. 1527
TYPE:   "Native of New Holland. Communicated by Messrs. LODDIGES and SONS,"
COMMENT:   Base name for Dillwynia ericifolia var. parvifolia (Sims) Benth.

Blakely, W.F. (1939) Australian Naturalist: 157-168, 181-187 (161-162)
taxonomic Synonyms:

Dillwynia microphylla DC. nom. inval. ;  Sieber, F.W. in Candolle, A.P. de (Ed) (1825), Prodromus 2: 109, pro syn.

Dillwynia ericifolia var. parviflora Benth. ex Ewart ;  Ewart, A.J. (1931), Flora of Victoria: 642

Thompson, J. (1961) Papilionaceae. Flora of New South Wales 101(1): 80-91 (82)
UNDER:   Dillwynia retorta (Wendl.) Druce var. retorta.