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Glycine arenaria

Glycine arenaria Tindale

Tindale, M.D. (1987) Taxonomic notes on three Australian and Norfolk Island species of Glycine Willd. (Fabaceae: Phaseolae) including the choice of a neotype for G. Clandestina Wendl... Brunonia 9(2): 187, fig. 4
TYPE:   "Road into `Carlton' Station, c. 50 km NNW. of Kununurra, East Kimberley, W.A., 15°30'S., 128°34'E., sandy undulating plain with eucalypt woodland and strong grass growth, locally common perennial legume with deep taproot. ... R. Pullen 10894 (G1305), 27.4.1977 (CANB), examined. Isotypi: K, NSW, PERTH, US, examined."