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Robert Godfree

Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Ph.D., Portland State University, USA, 2000




Phone (+61) 02 6246 4956
Fax: (+61) 02 6246 5000


Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research
CSIRO Plant Industry
GPO Box 1600
Canberra ACT 2601




My research interests are associated with a range of aspects of plant population dynamics and plant-environment interactions, with a focus on invasions and risk assessment of genetically modified plants. Recently I have investigated the potential ecological risk posed by genetically modified pastoral legumes to a range of native grassland communities in southeast Australia using a combination of field experiments and glasshouse growth and competition trials. I have also conducted research into plant/community pathogen interactions both in forest and subalpine grassland ecosystems, and am interested in the implications of these interactions for the risk assessment of pathogen-resistant genetically modified plants. I also take an active interest in understanding the relationships between community invasibility and the characteristics of invasive exotic species and in determining how to apply this information to practical problems involving invasion ecology and risk assessment of transgenic plants.


  • Godfree, R. C., Tinnin, R. O and Forbes, R. B. in press. Relationships between Arceuthobium americanum and the structure of Pinus contorta var. murrayana stands in central Oregon. Plant Ecology.

  • Godfree, R. C., Tinnin, R. O and Forbes, R. B. in press. The effects of dwarf mistletoe, witches' brooms, stand structure and site characteristics on the crown architecture of lodgepole pine in Oregon. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.



Ecological Risk Assessment of GMOs