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DISACT 2004 Annual Report

Report on the Operations of the Disasters ACT Network (DISACT) over the Calendar Year of 2004.

The Disasters ACT Network (DISACT) is an entity that is provided for in the Memorandum of Understanding on Disaster Preparedness. Clause 6 of that agreement requires that information sharing networks be established to facilitate training, partnerships be established for resourcing efficiencies and to generally propagate disaster preparedness. DISACT has been operational since late 1999 and was involved in the facilitation of the MOU. DISACT has held quarterly meetings since that time and has negotiated the joint disaster recovery training programs on a semi-annual basis.

First Annual Report of DISACT:

Despite its activities over the years DISACT has not yet reported to those Commonwealth organisations which constitute the MOU's signatories. The MOU has been in force since June of 2003 and it is appropriate that such a report be provided to all signatories.

DISACT Network Meetings:

DISACT held four meetings in 2004 on the following dates and venues:


Australian War Memorial Treloar Technology Centre


National Archives of Australia, Mitchell Repository


Lanyon Historic Precinct


Screensound, Mitchell

Organisations attending these meetings included the National Archives of Australia, Australian War Memorial, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies , National Gallery of Australia, ANU Archives, ACT Chief Minister's Department, Historic Places ACT , Art & Archival Pty Ltd, National Museum of Australia, Screen Sound Australia, National Library of Australia, Australian National Herbarium, and ACT Urban Services. Minutes of these meetings are circulated by DISACT's secretary to 54 members on the electronic notification list. This list represents 25 Commonwealth, ACT, interstate and private sector organisations.

DISACT's Disaster Recovery Workshops:

DISACT has sponsored two Disaster Recovery Workshops this year, the first in June and administered by ScreenSound Australia, the second by AIATSIS in November. The two day courses were provided by a consultant from Art & Archival Pty Ltd through the facilities of CIT's Bruce campus. Both courses were fully subscribed and with waiting lists. The demand for these courses is sufficient to ensure that DISACT will continue sponsoring them.

DISACT Website:

DISACT has established a website on the Australian National Botanic Garden's home site. It is located at . The content on the public area of this site is growing however the password accessed professional pages are yet to be fully resourced. This is a priority for 2005.

DISACT Seminars:

DISACT did not sponsor any seminars this year. Such activities are resource intensive; in response to this, the network meeting of November 23 rd has established a working group to plan and organise at least one such event for 2005. In addition to this, the network meetings will include themes and presentations on disaster related issues.


DISACT continues to attract interest and participation from a variety of Commonwealth, State and private organisations. The Disaster Recovery Workshops and network meetings are particularly successful and it is hoped that the DISACT website will be a valuable resource to MOU signatory organisations as well as to the local region.

Yours Sincerely,

Bernard Kertesz,

Secretary to DISACT.


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