Prepared by Lisa L. Fox

SOLINET Preservation Program, September 1991

This list summarizes the key components of a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan - one that deals with disaster prevention and damage reduction, immediate response activities, recovery or salvage procedures, and rehabilitation of damaged materials. It is useful to have a plan in which all these elements are fully developed. However, a "phased" approach can also be applied to disaster preparedness (as it can to preservation activities in general). That is, it is acceptable, as a first phase, to begin with a few sections (even in outline form), particularly if the institution focuses first on those issues that are of greatest concern. In a subsequent phase, the planners can gradually add more detail and other sections as they become better educated, have time to pursue the plan, and are able to develop consensus on how the institution should organize its preparedness activities.

Body of the Disaster Plan


Further information about all aspects of disaster preparedness planning is available from the SOLINET Preservation Program at (800) 999-8558. The Program also provides lists of and referrals to commercial supply/service sources and specialist consultants, as well as training in disaster planning and recovery.