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Teacher guided visits and programs FREE!

Refresh and recharge or run off some energy in the Gardens beautiful landscapes.  Lunch on our shady lawns or treat your students to one of our fun and active do-it-yourself programs.  Visiting the gardens is free and coach parking is easy and convenient.

Bookings essential for all visiting school groups. You can even call us on the day.  Book online or contact the Education Office on 02 6250 9408 or

Great for everyone!

Main Path Walk (40min)

Walk the main path and discover the highlights of the Gardens from the rainforest to the arid red centre. The main path is paved along its whole length and all slopes meet Australian standards for wheelchair access.

Upper Primary and Secondary

Eucalyptus discovery Walk

Suitable for yrs 6–12
Duration: one hour

Wind your way through the gardens and discover 21 of Australia's iconic eucalypts on this self-guided walk.

Climate Watch Trail

Suitable for years 6–12
Duration: one hour

Become a Citizen Scientist and make observations for climate change research. Developed in partnership with Earthwatch Australia, the Australian National Botanic Gardens Climate Watch Trail enables students to monitor changes in flowering times and nesting patterns of plants and animals in the Gardens. Students can continue this work in their local area and contribute to a large scale study across Australia which will provide data to understand the impacts of climate change on our plant and animals.
Map link – (shared drive) S:\PUBLIC PROGRAMS\Education\Website\2014 edits

Compare and Contrast Ecosystems (1hour)

Suitable for yrs 4–12
Duration: one hour

Check out the Rainforest Gully or the Mallee shrublands, or if you have time compare the adaptations in both ecosystems.  Suitable for yrs 4–12

Download Rainforest Gully
Download Plants of the Mallee Shrublands

Botanical Brainteasers

Suitable for yrs 4–12
Duration: one hour

Take on the challenge! Discover amazing facts about Australian flora. Students learn to estimate the age of a bottlebrush by counting its fruit, guess how many Gymea lilies will grow from a single clump, and think about ways to catch seeds from exploding fruit.

Use the booklet for a self-guided walk along the ANBG Garden's main path. Teacher notes include the Aussie Survivor booklet as well as explanations, answers, and ideas for extension work when you are back at school.


Download 'Botanical Brainteasers' (teachers notes PDF - 332 KB)
Download 'Botanical Brainteasers' (students booklet PDF - 622 KB)

Top draw

Suitable for Years 4 - 12 and adults
Duration: one hour

The Gardens is the perfect place to practise your art skills...or is it scientific study?

The downloadable booklet provides support for drawing in your school garden, or the local bush, or onsite in the Gardens. The activities combine art and science to give you great cross-curriculum potential.

We can offer clipboards, recycled paper and pencils for this activity. Please indicate your needs when booking.

Download Top draw...drawing Aussie flora (PDF - 708 KB)
Download Top draw...drawing Aussie flora further design activities (PDF - 301 KB)
Download Rationale and what to do on the day (PDF - 44 KB)

Lower Primary

Who lives here?

Suitable for preschool– year 3
Duration: 30 mins

Explore Aussie plants and habitats to discover and the importance of food chains and biodiversity. Children's Discovery Walk (Who Lives Here) (PDF - 425 KB)

Eucalyptus by gum

Suitable for preschool– year 3
Duration: one hour

Go on a Eucalypt hunt, play spot the birds, and hug a tree and listen for the sound of its whisper.  These self-guided programs provide fun activities to enjoy on the Eucalypt Lawn.

Choose from three booklets.
Download 'Eucalyptus by gum 1' (PDF - 244 KB)
Download 'Eucalyptus by gum 2' (PDF - 139 KB)
Download 'Eucalyptus by gum 3' (PDF - 134 KB)

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