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Fig. 2. Illustration of Leptospermum jingera Lyne & Crisp.


(a) fruiting branchlet; (b) leaves; (c) flower; (d) anthers, abaxial and adaxial view;
(e) petal; (f) sepal (g) mature fruit; (h) old fruit; (i) seeds and chaff.

Scales: a - 20 mm; b - 4 mm; c, g and h - 2 mm; e, f and i - 1 mm; d - 0.5 mm.

a, b, g and i drawn from Lyne, A.M. 1189 (CBG 9303364);
c, d, e, f and h drawn from Corrick, M.E. 10163 (MEL 686286).

Illustration by Kevin Thiele.