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What’s Its Name?

a concise database of plant names
& name changes for Australia

The Australian Plant Name Index (APNI) is the source of What’s Its Name?
and provides nomenclatural information on plant names used in Australia.

NOTE: WIN is being superceded by the Australian Plant Census (APC)

We suggest you check APC as the more reliable source of information

As families are treated for APC, some WIN data is no longer updated.

BUT - not all plant families have been treated for APC, about 80% have so far.
you can check which families are treated for APC here


Query by plant name or family (%=wildcard eg.%gibbsiae% or Banksia aq%)


How to use the Whats Its Name? database

Example using Banksia aquilonia entry

Name = Banksia aquilonia (A.S.George) A.S.George
Status = new in 1996; current name for Banksia integrifolia var. aquilonia A.S.George, Banksia integrifolia subsp. aquilonia (A.S.George) K.R.Thiele
Comment (from Australian National Herbarium) = This recent upgrade from subspecific status has generally been accepted in most Eastern State Herbaria
Information Source (full reference given at end of web page) = Source: George, A.S. (1999)

An alternative non-tabular delivery of the WIN? output can also be generated.

What’s Its Name? is a collaborative project of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, and the Australian Biological Resources Study. It is supported by the Council of Heads of Australian Herbaria.

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