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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Catapyrenium cinereum (Pers.) Körb.
  Syst. Lich. Germ. 325 (1855). Endocarpon cinereum Pers., Neue Annal. Bot. 1: 28 (1794); Dermatocarpon cinereum (Pers.) Th.Fr., Nova Acta Regiae Soc. Sci. Upsal., ser. 3, 3: 356 (1861). T: The type could not be located. However, there is a specimen in H-ACH (No. 851) as Endocarpon tephroides from "Germania" annotated "Endoc. cinereum Pers." n.v.  
  Squamae closely appressed, usually contiguous, 1–3 mm wide, 0.15–0.35 mm thick, finely incised (especially at the periphery), sometimes subgranular in central parts, usually whitish pruinose, with dark margins, anchored by dark rhizohyphae. Lower cortex paraplectenchymatous, ±black. Perithecia immersed, subglobose, 0.2–0.25 mm diam.; apex ±black, sometimes slightly elevated. Exciple pale when immature, finally brown-black. Periphyses 20–30 µm long. Asci 60–70 × 16–22 µm. Ascospores usually ±clavate, c. 17–23 × 6.5–8.5 µm.
  Occurs on feldmark soil at an altitude of c. 2000 m in the Snowy Mountains, N.S.W. Common in cool-temperate to alpine regions of the Northern Hemisphere; also in southernmost South America and New Zealand.  
  Breuss (2001a)  

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