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Xerochrysum 'Dargan Hill Monarch'

Xerochrysum bracteatum 'Dargan Hill Monarch'

(Once known as Bracteantha 'Dargan Hill Monarch', formerly Helichrysum 'Dargan Hill Monarch')

ORIGIN: Xerochrysum 'Dargan Hill Monarch' is a herbaceous form of the well known Everlasting or Straw flower which was found growing about one mile inland from Cunningham's Gap in Southern Queensland in May 1961. Cultivar received by the Authority: 21st February, 1977. Applicant: Mr.W.N.B.Quick.

DESCRIPTION: It is a low growing, rounded, soft wooded evergreen shrub growing to a height of 0.6-0.8m and about 1.5m in diameter. The leaves are grey and woolly and are 100-120mm in length at their widest point which is beyond the midpoint. The midrif is prominent although depressed whilst the margins are slightly recurved. The flower heads are lustrous golden-yellow and between 70-90mm in diameter and are borne on long stems about 300mm in length. The ray florets are papery and remain on the plant for some months.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar is different from other known forms of B. bracteata in that of the grey foliage and flower size. The typical X. bracteanthum has green foliage and flower heads about 50mm in diameter.

COLOUR CODING: R.H.S.Colour Chart, 1966 edition.

ray florets: yellow-orange 14A.

Inner florets: yellow-orange 23A

foliage: near green 136C.