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Templates have been created (thanks Anne Fuchs) to hold descriptive, planning and management information for the horticultural sections or garden beds in the ANBG. The intention is they will be a continuous repository for all that has taken place an all that is planned for these sections and will be the guide for staff maintaining and developing these sections and an information resource for section planning, design, management and interpretation.…
A new 'start' or 'home' space has been created on the Confluence wiki as a replacement or alternative to the default 'Dashboard' page that some people have found confusing or obscure. The Australian National Botanic Gardens space provides a categorized list of links to available Confluence spaces an pages as a simple menu.  The categories roughly correspond to distinct work areas. If the space or page you are after does not appear, use the 'All' tab on the 'Dashboard' page…

ANBG Blog has arrived

The ANBG has created a blog space to post news and events from the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra.  Viewers may post comments and feedback about these items.  This blog will be updated regularly, so bookmark and revisit.

From time to time Gardens staff will post short articles of general interest.

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  1. The blog has started.  The world will never be the same...

  2. Changed the them layout to get rid of the LH column that annoyed Murray