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Flowers. Copyright CSIRO

Leaves and Flowers. Copyright CSIRO

Leaves and dehisced fruit. Copyright A. Ford & F. Goulter

Scale bar 10mm. Copyright CSIRO

10th leaf stage. Copyright CSIRO

Cotyledon and 1st leaf stage, semi-hypogeal, hypogeal germination. Copyright CSIRO

Bosistoa medicinalis



Scientific Name

Bosistoa medicinalis (F.Muell.) T.G.Hartley

Hartley, T.G. (1977) Journal of the Arnold Arboretum 58(4): 431.

Common name

Northern Towra


Living bark quite hard to cut, sometimes emitting an incense odour.


Oil dots very large and conspicuous, usually visible without holding the leaf to the light. Leaf blades about 6-16 x 2.5-7 cm. Midrib spotted with oil dots on both the upper and lower surfaces. Each twig terminated by two leaves, a terminal bud and two very closely appressed lateral buds.


Flowers about 7 mm diam. Sepals about 0.5-0.7 mm long. Petals about 3.5-4 mm long. Stamens usually ten. Ovules 4 in each locule.


Fruiting carpels glabrous, but marked by very large oil dots just beneath the epidermis. Fruiting carpels about 0.8-1 cm diam. Seeds about 8 mm long.


First pair of leaves ovate, about 30-40 x 22-27 mm. Oil dots quite large and conspicuous, readily visible with a lens. At the tenth leaf stage: oil dots easily seen with a lens. Axillary bud rather large and rounded. Terminal bud enclosed in stipule-like bracts which leave scars on the stem just above each pair of leaves. Seed germination time 26 to 42 days.

Distribution and Ecology

Endemic to Queensland, occurs in CYP, NEQ, CEQ and southwards to south eastern Queensland. Altitudinal range from near sea level to 800 m. Grows in well developed rain forest and gallery forest.

Natural History & Notes




Pagetia medicinalis F.Muell., Fragmenta Phytographiae Australiae 5: 178(1865), Type: In silvis urbi Rockingham proximis; Thozet, OShanesy. Ad ripas nemorosas fluvii Crocodile-Creek; Bowman. Ad montem Buzzard; Dallachy. Bosistoa brassii T.G.Hartley, Journal of the Arnold Arboretum 58(4): 433(1977), Type: Queensland. COOK DISTRICT: .. Iron Range, Brass 19653 (CANB, holotype; L, isotype). Pagetia dietrichiae Domin, Bibliotheca Botanica 89(4): 845(1928), Type: Sud-Queensland: Brisbane River, A. DIETRICH No. 643., 1544, 1768, 2212. Bosistoa brassii T.G.Hartley var. brassii, Journal of the Arnold Arboretum 58(4): 433(1977). Bosistoa brassii var. proserpinensis T.G.Hartley, Journal of the Arnold Arboretum 58(4): 434(1977), Type: Queensland. NORTH KENNEDY DISTRICT: Mt. Dryander, Jones .. 3857 (CANB, holotype).

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