Calyx lobe apex shape

This character refers to the shape of the apex of the calyx lobe. For prominently zygomorphic calyces, the shape refers to the upper two calyx lobes which may be enlarged, united further towards their apex and/or differently shaped at the apex relative to the lower three. Note that in some taxa (e.g. Tephrosia, some Daviesia spp.) the upper two calyx lobes can be more or less fused to the apex, appearing as a single upper lobe (often slightly emarginate or bifid). This character then refers to the shape, at the apex, of this  single lobe.

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Acute or acuminate

The upper two calyx lobes terminate in an abrupt (i.e. opposing margins converge at an angle of 90 degrees or less), or a gradually tapered point.

Rounded or truncate or obtuse

The upper calyx lobes are rounded or squared off at the apex, or if pointed, then broadly so (i.e. opposing margins converge at an angle greater than 90 degrees).