Plant Habit

The general appearance of the plant, including size, shape, growth form and orientation.

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An upright, reasonably large [more than (3-4) 5 metres tall] woody plant, usually with a single stem.

Erect to ascending shrub

An upright (or spreading horizontally and then becoming upright) multiple stemmed woody plant which is generally smaller than a tree (usually less than 5 metres tall).

Prostrate or decumbent shrub

A woody plant with branches spreading along the ground or lying flat on the ground, or spreading along the ground for most of its length but with tips turning upwards.

Climbing or twining or straggling

Woody or herbaceous plants with stems that are not self-supporting, but are climbing or straggling on some support.

Rosette-forming or herbaceous (non-climbing)

Herbs (or rarely shrubs) with a whorl of leaves (by contraction of stem internodes) at the base of the stem, or non-woody, non-climbing plants.