Stipule fusion

Stipule margins may be variously fused (united) to each other, to another organ, or free (not united to any other organ).

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Stipules fused behind the axillary bud

The stipule inner margins are united at the base, behind the axillary bud (as in many Pultenaea species).


Stipules not fused, but linked by a row of hairs

The stipules are free, but a row of small hairs runs behind the axillary bud, between the inner margin of each stipule, as in some Pultenaea species.


Stipules free

The stipules are not fused to each other, or to any other organ.



The stipules sheath the stem. Generally, the margins of opposing stipules are partly- to entirely-fused around the stem (opposite the petiole), appearing as a tube, basally attached and free in the upper portion.


Fused to the petiole

The stipule point of attachment extends onto the upper (adaxial) surface of the petiole (e.g. Trifolium cernuum).