Flower-subtending bracts persistence

The presence/persistence of flower-subtending bracts. These are modified leaves, usually differing in size, shape and colour from other leaves (and lacking an axillary bud), often paired, and are inserted on or near the junction of the main inflorescence axis and the pedicel (where present). Often, each flower has its own associated bracts, although a bract may also subtend several flowers in a cluster. These should not be confused with bracts subtending an entire inflorescence, located at the base of the rachis or peduncle, or with bracteoles, which are located on the pedicel or calyx.

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Present and persistent

Flower-subtending bracts are evident on at least some flowers well past anthesis.

Present but caducous

Flower-subtending bracts are present but early deciduous, generally falling before anthesis.

Apparently absent

Flower-subtending bracts are not developed, or if present, then they are very early deciduous.