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20 February 2004


Seventeen botany and plant ecology students will today graduate from one of Australia's top botanical research programs based in Canberra.

Now in its twelfth year, the 2004 Student Botanical Internship Program gives students significant scientific work experience at the Australian National Herbarium - part of the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, one of Australia's most important environmental research facilities.

"During the two-month program, students learn practical techniques in botany and conservation complemented by seminars from leading research scientists and conservation managers," says Internship Program Coordinator, Mr Anthony Whalen.

"Previous students have gone on to work as National Park managers, environmental policy writers, conservation ecologists and overseas lecturers."

The Student Botanical Internship Program is a full-time, volunteer program. Since its 1993 start up with eight students, 190 interns have passed through the program, representing 35 tertiary institutions.

Interest is not limited to Australian students - this year, Ms Conny Garbe joined the Program after reading about it on the internet in Germany. Ms Garbe says the Program has been challenging but well worth the trip to Australia.

"Canberra was a great location for the program as we could easily do our field work in many of the native bush areas close to the city and we were able to use all the resources available at the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research," says Ms Garbe.

"This internship has provided me with an incredible opportunity. Not only did I learn about the Australian flora and develop lab skills, but I got to make a lot of new friends!"

The Botanical Internship Program is conducted by the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research - a joint venture between CSIRO Plant Industry and the Australian Government, Department of Environment and Heritage. For more information about the Program please visit: www.cpbr.gov.au/intern.

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