Kirsten Cowley

Research Assistant

BSc Australian National University (1983)

Kirsten Cowley

Phone (+61) 02 6246 5024

Fax: (+61) 02 6246 5249


Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research
CSIRO Plant Industry
GPO Box 1600
Canberra ACT 2601


Plant nomenclature

Colobanthus (Caryophyllaceae)


Craven, L.A., Lepschi, B.J. & Cowley, K.J. (2010). Melaleuca (Myrtaceae) of Western Australia: five new species, three new combinations, one new name and a new state record. Nuytsia 20: 27–36.

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Symposium Papers & Posters
Cowley, K.J., Monro, A.M. & Lepschi, B.J. (2011). The Australian Plant Census: a model for consensus-based taxonomic decision-making. International Botanical Congress, Melbourne, Australia.
24th–30th July, 2011 [Poster].

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2nd–3rd November, 2005 [Poster].

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2nd–6th July, 2001 [Poster].


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