Lyn A. Craven

Dip.Hort.Sci., M.Sc.

Lyn A. Craven

Employed by CSIRO 1964–1967 and 1971–2009. Remained at the Australian National Herbarium as an Honorary Research Fellow from 2009 until his death in 2014.


Lyn's research was focused on plant systematics. Through revisionary and phylogenetic studies of natural groups, throughout as much of their range as was feasible, he aimed to establish robust classifications to provide both a basis for further investigations and a knowledge base for conservation workers and land managers.

The groups in which Lyn specialised included Myrtaceae; Malvaceae; Ericaceae; especially the genera Syzygium; Eugenia; Melaleuca; Callistemon; Gossypium; Hibiscus; Rhododendron. He also had a keen interest in the systematics of wild relatives of economic plants (eg. Glycine and Heliotropium), and in the floras of Australia, Malesia (esp. Indonesia & Papua New Guinea) and the SW Pacific.


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Revision of Papuasian Syzygium;
Revision of Melaleuca;
Revision of Australasian Hibiscus.

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