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Search all planting records

Complete Search of living and dead plants
(everything ever planted)

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Please exercise care in the structure of queries and the use of wildcards to avoid excessively large reports. See instructions below.
Data may be queried by matching text patterns on a number of fields and data reports are available in a number of different formats.
Most fields are case sensitive and the wildcard is the percentage sign (%).

Search database from here:

Explanation of search criteria:

User Name and Password are usually not required unless links to Herbarium specimens are sought.

Output Format - how you want to generate the results of your query. Leave as HTML for a web view.

Display - What results will be displayed.

Sort Order- Indicates alpha-numeric sorting of results (usually leave blank).
Putting a 1 in this column next to the field you want sorted by will result in sorts by either plant name or prop ID for example.

Execute query - Click to obtain results of search.

Reset Form - clears the entry ready for the next query.

Most fields are case sensitive and the wildcard is the percentage sign (%).

* The default setting is to exclude those plantings at Booderee Botanic Gardens (formerly Jervis Bay Annex of the ANBG) on the NSW south coast.
If these plants are included, they show a 'j' before their section number in the location field

Photos - the camera icon in column one links to photos of plants of the same clonal line as the Propagation Number.
the camera icon in column two links to photos of any plants with the same taxon name, and shows how many photos there are.
To search on criteria where there are no photos, put  " null "  in value field of 'Taxon Photo'.


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