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Horticulture - Cultivars

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The Gardens has a collection of cultivars (taken from - cultivated varieties).

These plants are either plant hybrids or selected forms of a species with improved characteristics. Cultivars are propagated as vegetative cuttings to preserve the original genetic material. As of mid 2009, they formed 6% of the total collection and 7% of the unique taxa / cultivar count.

The collection contains plants not readily available to the home gardener. Horticulturists have developed new cultivars in the Gardens and a few of these plants were released to commercial nurseries, to propagate and build up their stock to sell to the public (for example, the Telopea 'Braidwood Brilliant').

The Australian Cultivar Registration Authority is an independent body based in the Gardens. The Australian National Herbarium maintains the pressed dried cultivar "standards" as vouchered specimens.

More information on cultivars is available from the Australian Cultivar Registration Authority.

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