When to find Water Dragons at the ANBG

In Canberra, the Water Dragons emerge from their winter dormancy in mid Spring and can be found until mid Autumn. On cloudy or wet days, the Water Dragons remain sheltering under rocks and logs and do not come out in the open. In the mornings, the Water Dragons warm up for the day by basking on rocks. In the evening they return to the rocks. If the weather is hot, the Water Dragons stay in the shade or in shelter.

Their preferred body temperature is from 26oC to 33oC. In colder weather, Water Dragons have been known to sleep in water, with only their nostrils protruding. The water is presumeably warmer than the outside air temperature.

In mid Autumn, the Water Dragons dig a small hole under a rock or a log, and seal themselves into their burrow to wait out the winter. Occasionally a Water Dragon is disturbed over winter and emerge appearing all grey-looking, thin and lethargic. They don't remain out of their burrows for long!

Sunning Water Dragon
Dragon in the Rock Garden with identification collar


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Prepared by Robyn Lawrence, Updated 28 June, 2006 , webmaster, ANBG (anbg-info@anbg.gov.au)