Callitris rhomboidea

Port Jackson Pine

Family Cupressaceae

Botanical name. Callitris comes from two Greek words kalli= beautiful, and treis= three, referring to the arrangement of leaves in threes. The species name rhomboidea refers to the rhomboidal shape of the cone scales.

distribution mapHabitat. These trees grow in woodlands, on the coast and on the tablelands and are widespread but not common.

Features. The Port Jackson Pine grows up to 15 m. The male and female cones are found on the same tree. These trees are fast growing, taking only 5 years to reach maturity.

drawingEuropean use. Cypress pines such as the Port Jackson Pine have timber which is resistant to termite attack. The timber is used locally for buildings and poles.

Aboriginal use. Resin from Callitris trees has been used as an adhesive by Aboriginal people in some parts of Australia to attach spearheads to spears.

Callitris rhomboidea tree in bushland, North Stradbroke Island, Qld.

Education Service - Australian National Botanic Gardens