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Gum Tree Hop

A Centenary family feast of music and dancing under the stars

Description | Bush Tucker Dinner | Band bios

This evening outdoor concert will showcase local bush, blues and rockabilly music talent including the Fuelers and Sparrow Folk (winners of the ABC Radio 2013 'Exhumed' competition), plus more offerings soon to be announced.

When: Saturday, 2 November 2013
Time: 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm
Where: Eucalypt Lawn

Tickets $15 adult; kids 17 and under free | Purchase tickets online | TIckets also available at the gate

Grab your friends and 'rellies' and let's get dancing.

Purchase tickets online

Also Available - 'Bush Tucker' Dinner

Bush Tucker Dinner - Single Adult - $15.50 pre-order | Purchase tickets online

Carved lamb spit roast with bush dukkah and spiced baked baby potatoes (Vegetarian option also available of grilled haloumi & seasonal vegetable skewers)

Family Bush Tucker Dinner - $50 (pre order ONLINE and save $26) | Purchase tickets online

For the parents: 2 x plated carved lamb spit roast with bush dukkah and spiced baked baby potatoes (Vegetarian option also available of grilled haloumi & seasonal vegetable skewers)
For the kids: 2 x 'Bush Cradles' with lamb spit roast on top of seasonal salad
4 x Aussie homemade damper rolls with bush chutneys and relishes.
Extra serve option for additional kids - $12.50

Please note: in the event of wet weather/total fire ban, an alternative postponement date will be annouced.

Local bush, blues and rockabilly music talent will delight you including the Fuelers (left), Sparrow Folk, winners of the ABC Radio 2013 'Exhumed' competition, middle and Hashemoto (right)

Band bios

Sparrow Folk | The Fuelers | Hashemoto

Sparrow Folk; two ukes, one song

This quirky duo is the musical brain-child of performers Juliet Moody and Catherine Crowley. Unable to define themselves by traditional musical genre, Sparrow-Folk created their own: Glam-Folk.  With a background in improvised theatre and musical comedy, these two little birds joined forces to create sweet, poignant tunes chocked full of whimsy and giggles. Sparrow-Folk recently won the ABC Exhumed competition for the ACT and are in the running to compete in the national finals.

The Fuelers

For over 14 years, the Fuelers have played  their home brewed, high-octane blend of cabaret and  country across this wide brown land of ours…and keeping it wide and brown has always been important to The Fuelers, who cite tradition as their main influence and BIG MAN Chainsaws as their main sponsor.

With a six foot working bar (give or take a digit), The BIG MAN is a man’s man’s chainsaw that gets the job done right. No needless safety gadgets. No fancy guarantees.

Just like the Fuelers….

The Fuelers are four top blokes, Thingamy Bob on drums, Blindboy Murray on Guitar, Caltex Star on string bass and Steel City Su on fiddle.

They tip their hats to the country and rockabilly stars of yore and, perhaps a little to spaghetti western composer Ennio Moricone. They also freely acknowledge the influences of Ian Turpee, Tony Barber and TV gameshows, and the great composers of 1970’s and early 80’s television commercials.

With these solid foundations, and four solid gold releases, to date, their failure to inveigle their way into top forty radio is puzzling. The easy-listening market has, likewise, turned away in its Smokey Dawson six-way recliner.
This has meant an interminable circuit of exile for the Fuelers, who must now eek out their existence from Tamworth to Woodford, Prosserpine  to Adelaide at Rodeos, Blues festivals, Rockabilly Festivals, Circus, Balloon and Folk Festivals, Fringe Festivals and the festival you now find yourself at.
 The Fuelers’ 2012 release is the 20 track opus, “Petrol Food” .

They are currently awaiting  the second coming of  Elvis and the last tour of John Farnham as prophesised in Revelations and Frank Zappa’s Billy the Mountain



Hashemoto is a 3 piece acoustic band, with a beautiful, immersive sound. They are freakishly obsessed with tone so, wherever they play, they take their own upright piano along. They set up around the piano with a guitar and a double bass, singing harmonies. So far in 2013 they have performed at the National Folk Festival and the You Are Here Festival, and at venues including the Seymour Centre (Sydney), Smiths Alternative (Canberra), and the Blue Hall (Central Tilba).

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