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Charles Knight's drawings

These are some of the drawings from Charles Knight's 1892 paper "Contribution to the Lichenographia of New South Wales", published in volume 2 of Transactions of the Linnean Society of London, Botany, series 2 . A little further down you'll find explanations of all the figures, labelled with the names used by Knight, who had published these as new species. The first two are still good species in their own right but taxonomic changes since Knight's day have meant that they are now known as Bacidia entocosmesis and Chiodecton stictathecium respectively. However, the third has been shown to be the same as a species that had been described in 1881 and its current name is Buellia demutens. All the specimens had been growing on wood.

Explanations of the figures

In the original paper Knight gave the magnification for each figure and I'll give those here as well. In order to let you use those magnifications to calculate real sizes from the screen images, I have included a scale bar which indicates a length of 1 centimetre on the original published page.

Lecidea entocosmesis

1a. section of an apothecium (40x), 1b. spores (950x), 1c. ascus with spores (950x)

Stigmatidium stictathecium

2a. a view looking down on two apothecia (40x), 2b. spores (950x)

Lecidea callispora

3a. section of an apothecium (40x), 3b. ascus with spores (950x)