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Xanthomaculina convoluta - cross sections of wet and dry thalli

Figure 11: Thallus during the dry state showing the size and occurrence of interspaces in the medullary layer and intrusions into the upper cortex. Intrusions (i); Interspaces (is).

Figure 12: Thallus during the wet state. The upper cortex shows considerable swelling, the intrusions into the upper cortex are much smaller and interspaces in the medulla are smaller in size and number.

Source: Büdel, B & Wessels, DCU. (1986). Parmelia hueana Gyeln., a vagrant lichen from the Namib Desert, SWA/Namibia. I. Anatomical and reproductive adaptations. Dinteria, 18, 3-15. [Parmelia hueana has had a name change to Xanthomaculina convoluta.]

The photographs and captions have been reproduced with the permission of the Namibia Scientific Society, publishers of the journal Dinteria.