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The New National Seed Bank

Building a unique collection of Australian native seeds for conservation and research

The new National Seed Bank is a vital addition to the seed bank network in Australia and throughout the world. We must preserve biodiversity and cannot allow plant species to disappear. Seed banks will help ensure the future of the planet for the next generations.

We welcome your generous support to help us to ensure the survival of some of our most endangered plants through seed banking - please join us in our fundraising campaign.

Your contribution will directly assist us in extending and enhancing our native seed collection , research capability and knowledge on the collection, processing, storage and germination of Australian native seeds through

  • CONSERVATION - long term storage for rare and threatened species and species from communities of national significance, or iconic and floristically unique locations
  • RESEARCH - Develop new knowledge about the seed ecology, biology and physiology of Australian native seeds. Establish protocols for future 'activation' of seed collections by discovering their dormancy and germination cues.
  • PROPAGATION - Supply seed for production of plants as part of the Gardens 'living collection' and for the recovery, translocation, rehabilitation and restoration of rare species or communities.
  • SUPPLY - Provide seed for conservation and to approved organisations for research through the plant release program.

What we now need is a contemporary facility - a new National Seed Bank - a treasure trove of our unique Australian seeds, a productive research hub and ex situ vault storing seeds for future generations.

Help us make this important work possible through your tax deductible donation.

Invitation to Contribute to Safeguarding Australia's Plant Heritage Brochure

Join us in securing the future of Australian plants using this National Seed Bank Response Form

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