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About Christopher F. Puttock


  • Ph.D., Biological Sciences. University of New South Wales, Australia.
  • B.Sc. (Hons)., Botany. University of New South Wales, Australia.
  • Dip. Ed. University of New South Wales, Australia.

    Research Interests

  • Systematics and taxonomy of the tropical woody Rubiaceae, Gnaphalieae (Asteraceae), Pteridophyta (ferns), and Rhodophyta (red algae).
  • Botanical nomenclature.
  • Herbarium curation and information technology.
  • Computer identification of plants and flora writing.

    Field Work and Museum Studies

    Field and survey work in tropical and temperate Australia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and South Africa. Museum studies in Hawaii, mainland USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

    Professional Experience

  • Research Assistant, Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW (1978-1979).
  • Research Assistant, (Electron Microscopist), Sydney University, Sydney, NSW (1979-1981).
  • Technical Officer, University of NSW, Sydney, NSW (1981-1988).
  • Senior Technical Officer, University of NSW, Sydney, NSW (1988-1992).
  • Research Scientist. ANCA/Environment Australia. Canberra, ACT (1992-present).

    Selected Publications

    1. Puttock, C.F. & Quinn, C.J. 1980. Perispore morphology and the taxonomy of the Australian Aspleniaceae. Australian Journal of Botany 28: 305-322.

    2. Puttock, C.F. & Waterhouse, J.T. 1981. Floristic survey in the Jabiluka area. In: Morley, A. (ed.) A Review of Jabiluka Environmental Studies. Vol. 5. Pancontinental Mining Ltd, Sydney. pp[1-47].

    3. Puttock, C.F. 1988. A revision of Gardenia Ellis (Rubiaceae) from north-eastern Queensland. Austrobaileya 2: 433-449.

    4. King, R.J. & Puttock, C.F. 1989. The morphology and taxonomy of Bostrychia Montagne and Stictosiphonia J.D.Hooker et Harvey (Rhodomelaceae/Rhodophyta). Australian Systematic Botany 2: 1-73.

    5. King, R.J. & Puttock, C.F. 1994. Morphology and taxonomy of Caloglossa (Delesseriaceae, Rhodophyta). Australian Systematic Botany 7: 89-124.

    6. Puttock, C.F. 1994. The morphology and generic position of Australian Kailarsenia Tirveng. (Rubiaceae: Gardenieae). Nordic Journal of Botany. 14: 515-526.

    7. Puttock, C.F. 1994. Anatomy and morphology of Cremnothamnus (Asteraceae), a new genus for Helichrysum thomsonii. Australian Systematic Botany 7: 569-583.

    8. Puttock, C.F. 1994. Re-analysis of Anderberg's Gnaphalieae data matrix. Compositae Newsletter. 25: 1-14.

    9. Puttock, C.F. 1997. A revision of Gardenia Ellis (Rubiaceae) from north and north-western Australia. Nuytsia 11: 225-262.

    10. Puttock, C.F. & Cowley, K.J. 1997. Plant systematic research in Australasia. Council of Heads of Australian Herbaria. Canberra. 6th edn [c. 80p].


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