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APII jpeg image of Brachymenium lanceolatum,<br/>Brachymenium nepalense,<br/>Ptychostomum altisetum  © contact APII©

Brachymenium lanceolatum,
Brachymenium nepalense,
Ptychostomum altisetum

Photographer: See Illustrator
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Date Taken: Unknown
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Image Source: Australian Plant Image Index (APII) - Photo No.: boa.280

A-F, Brachymenium nepalense. A, Habit with sporophyte (dry specimen). B, Leaf. C, Mid-laminal cells. D, Cells at leaf apex. E, Basal laminal cells. F, Peristome, with short exostome tooth (left) and endostome reduced to basal membrane only, segments absent (right) (I.G. Stone 15718, MEL). G-K, Brachymenium lanceolatum. G, Habit with sporophyte (dry specimen). H, Leaf. I, Capsule showing operculum and peristome. J, Mid-laminal cells. K, Basal laminal cells (holotype, redrawn from Ochi, H. J. Fac. Educ. Tottori Univ. Nat. Sci. 21: 9 fig. 1 (1970)). L-R, Ptychostomum altisetum. L, Habit with sporophyte (dry specimen). M, Leaf. N, Cells at leaf apex. O, Mid-laminal cells. P, Marginal cells. Q, Basal laminal cells. R, Peristome (W.B.Schofield, NSW). Scale bars: 1 mm for habit; 0.5 mm for leaves 100 ?m for cellular drawings.

Illustrators: L. Eklan

Flora of Australia Vol 51 figure 36

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