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Fissidens rupicola

Photographer: See Illustrator
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Date Taken: Unknown
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Image Source: Australian Plant Image Index (APII) - Photo No.: boa.391

A, Fruiting plant. B, Fruiting plant with terminal broken seta and bud-like perigonium in axil of basal leaf. C-E, Stem leaves. F, Perichaetial leaf. G, Cells of leaf apex. H, Cells from distal portion of vaginant lamina. I, J, Cells of proximal part of vaginant lamina of stem leaves with weak limbidium. K, Cells of proximal margin of perichaetial leaf with prominent limbidium. L, Cells of proximal part of dorsal lamina of stem leaf. M, Section of leaf through apical lamina. N, Section of leaf through dorsal and vaginant laminae. O,P, Stem sections. QLD: Cook District, Palmerston National Park, South Johnstone River, from Palmerston Road, I.G. Stone 19002, 04 June 1982 (MEL 2245149).

Illustrators: R.D. Seppelt

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