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Fissidens sp A

Photographer: See Illustrator
Copyright holder: See Illustrator
Date Taken: Unknown
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Image Source: Australian Plant Image Index (APII) - Photo No.: boa.394

A, Group of plants showing immature sporophyte (right-hand tall plant), male plant (central low plant), and sterile stems.B,C, Mature plants with sporophytes. D,E, Stem leaves. F,G, Perichaetial leaves. H, Perigonial leaf. I,J, Cells of leaf apex. K, Cells of distal part of vaginant lamina of stem leaf. L, Cells of proximal part of vaginal lamina of stem leaf. M,N, Cells of proximal part of dorsal lamina. O,P, Cells of proximal part of vaginant lamina of perichaetial leaves with limbidium. Q, Cells of choulder region of perigonial leaf. R, Section of leaf through apical lamina. S,T, Section of leaf through dorsal and vaginant laminae. U,V, Stem sections. W, Capsule with operculum and calyptra. X, Exothecial cells from mid-capsule. QLD: Lake Eacham Natl Park, Wrights Creek, on rock, I.G. Stone 25499 , 21 July 1989 (MEL 2327138)

Illustrators: R.D. Seppelt

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