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APII jpeg image of Hakea decurrens subsp. platytaenia,<br/>Hakea decurrens subsp. decurrens,<br/>Hakea sericea,<br/>Hakea recurva subsp. recurva,<br/>Hakea macraeana,<br/>Hakea decurrens subsp. physocarpa,<br/>Hakea recurva subsp. arida,<br/>Hakea preissii  © contact APII©

Hakea decurrens subsp. platytaenia,
Hakea decurrens subsp. decurrens,
Hakea sericea,
Hakea recurva subsp. recurva,
Hakea macraeana,
Hakea decurrens subsp. physocarpa,
Hakea recurva subsp. arida,
Hakea preissii

Photographer: see Illustrator
Copyright holder: Other, see our image use page for details
Date Taken: 26 May 1999
Taken at:
Image Source: Australian Plant Image Index (APII) - Photo No.: foa.391

Hakea . A-E , H. decurrens subsp. physocarpa . A , habit; B , leaf; C , flower (A-C , A.C.Beauglehole 28152, MEL); D , fruit; E , inside of fruit (D-E , A.C.Beauglehole 30817, AD). F-G , H. decurrens subsp. decurrens . F , fruit; G , inside of fruit (F-G , E.F.Constable 5026, NSW). H , H. decurrens subsp. platytaenia , inside of fruit (P.K.Smith MEL1537502, MEL). I , H. sericea , flower (no specimen details). J-L , H. preissii . J , flower without tepals; K , inside of fruit (J-K , P.S.Short 2394 & L.Haegi, AD); L , fruit (A.George 14274, PERTH). M-O , H. recurva subsp. recurva . M , bud and leaf (L.Haegi 2559, AD); N , flower without tepals (R.W.Purdie 5175, CANB); O , fruit (R.J.Cranfield 5227, PERTH). P-Q , H. recurva subsp. arida . P , bud plus leaf (July 1931, C.A.Gardner, PERTH); Q , flower without tepals (A.R.Fairall 1811, PERTH). R-T , H. macraeana . R , flower (E.F.Constable s.n. , NSW25757); S , fruit and leaf; T , leaf (R-T , M.Parris s.n. , NSW190768).

Illustrators: Beth Chandler.

Flora of Australia Volume 17b (1999) figure 6.

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