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Beilschmiedia recurva

Photographer: see Illustrator
Copyright holder: Other, see our image use page for details
Date Taken: 28 February 2007
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Image Source: Australian Plant Image Index (APII) - Photo No.: foa.436

Beilschmiedia recurva . A , habit; B , seedling; C , L.S. fruit; D , fruit; E , leaf base; F , flower; G , flower with 2 tepals and 2 stamens removed; H , stamen and tepal (outer whorl, adaxial view); I , stamen and glands (inner whorl, abaxial view); J , staminode (abaxial view) (A , E-J , B.Gray 276, QRS; B-D , B.Gray 643, QRS).

Illustrators: T.Nolan.

Flora of Australia Volume 2 (2007) figure 26.

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