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APII jpeg image of Asplenium bulbiferum subsp. gracillimum,<br/>Asplenium attenuatum var. indivisum,<br/>Asplenium carnarvonense,<br/>Asplenium athertonense,<br/>Asplenium attenuatum var. attenuatum,<br/>Asplenium bicentenniale,<br/>Asplenium paleaceum,<br/>Asplenium flabellifolium,<br/>Asplenium baileyanum,<br/>Asplenium capitisyork  © contact APII©

Asplenium bulbiferum subsp. gracillimum,
Asplenium attenuatum var. indivisum,
Asplenium carnarvonense,
Asplenium athertonense,
Asplenium attenuatum var. attenuatum,
Asplenium bicentenniale,
Asplenium paleaceum,
Asplenium flabellifolium,
Asplenium baileyanum,
Asplenium capitisyork

Photographer: see Illustrator
Copyright holder: Other, see our image use page for details
Date Taken: 27 October 1998
Taken at:
Image Source: Australian Plant Image Index (APII) - Photo No.: foa.745

Asplenium (1-pinnate proliferous species). A , A. flabellifolium , frond (P.J.Brownsey, 5 Dec. 1988, WELT). B , A. attenuatum var. attenuatum , frond (S.T.Blake 12907, BRI). C , A. attenuatum var. indivisum , frond (D.A.Goy & L.S.Smith 664, BRI). D-F , A. athertonense . D , frond (R.J.Chinnock 5708 & P.J.Brownsey, WELT); E , undivided pinna from large frond (B.Gray 69010, QRS); F , divided pinna from large frond (R.J.Chinnock 5709 & P.J.Brownsey, WELT). G , A. paleaceum , frond (R.J.Chinnock 5719 & P.J.Brownsey, WELT). H , A. bicentenniale , frond (D.L.Jones 1176, QRS). I , A. capitisyork , frond apex and base (mid-frond omitted) (J.R.Clarkson 2895, QRS). J , A. carnarvonense , lower pinnae (D.L.Jones 6315, CANB). K , A. baileyanum , frond apex and lower pinnae (mid-frond omitted) (M.J.Manski s.n. , BRI). L , A. bulbiferum subsp. gracillimum , mid-frond pinna (P.J.Brownsey, 5 Oct. 1985, WELT).

Illustrators: T.Galloway.

Flora of Australia Volume 48 (1998) figure 108.

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