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APII jpeg image of Drynaria rigidula,<br/>Microsorum scolopendria,<br/>Microsorum grossum,<br/>Drynaria sparsisora  © contact APII©

Drynaria rigidula,
Microsorum scolopendria,
Microsorum grossum,
Drynaria sparsisora

Photographer: see Illustrator
Copyright holder: Other, see our image use page for details
Date Taken: 27 October 1998
Taken at:
Image Source: Australian Plant Image Index (APII) - Photo No.: foa.786

A-E , Drynaria . A-C , D. ? dumicola . A , frond (P.D.Bostock 315, BRI); B , base frond (P.Forster PIF2279, BRI); C , rhizome scale (P.D.Bostock 158, BRI). D , D. rigidula , rhizome scale (ex hort. Brisbane, P.D.Bostock s.n. , BRI). E , D. sparsisora , rhizome scale (ex hort. Brisbane, P.D.Bostock s.n. , BRI). F-I , Microsorum , F-G , M. grossum . F , rhizome and base of stipe (ex hort. Brisbane, P.D.Bostock s.n. , BRI); G , rhizome scale (H.Heatwole 780, BRI). H-I , M. scolopendria . H , rhizome and base of stipe; I , rhizome scale (H-I , P.Forster PIF15293, BRI).

Illustrators: W.A.Smith.

Flora of Australia Volume 48 (1998) figure 149.

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