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Australian Suppliers of Native Seed

The Australian National Botanic Gardens does not sell seed, and only supplies seed for research purposes to accredited institutions.

To obtain seed for commercial or non-research purposes, we suggest you go to this website:

- select 'Native Seed Supplier' in the 'Type' pull-down menu.

- then click the small orange 'GO' button.

This will take you to a website listing commercial suppliers of Australian native plant seed.

The site is maintained by 'FloraBank', a semi-government organisation linking suppliers and users of Australian native seeds.


Related information:

Australian Seedbank Partnership. The Australian Seed Bank Partnership’s mission is to safeguard Australia’s plant populations and communities by developing a national network of conservation seed banks.

Australian National Botanic Gardens Seedbank. The Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) is home to a large and ever-increasing collection of Australian native seeds for research and propagation for it's living collection, and in particular holds the largest national collection of Australian alpine seeds.


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