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Information on Australian weeds

Following a project funded by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, images of weeds have been added to the 'Weeds in Australia' website:

Images from this project are hosted by the Australian National Botanic Gardens’ photo collection database, the Australian Plant Image Index (APII), and can be searched, along with a large collection of native Australian plant images, at:

APII image search:

The images will also be linked to the Australian Plant Name Index 'APNI' database, which already lists a number of weed taxa.

APNI search:

*Please note: special copyright conditions apply to all weed photographs, as with all images in the APII. Some weed image records have hyperlinks to the original source (in the Notes section), examples of these are: all of the “Bugwood” images, the Starrs’ collection from Hawaii and some photographers on Flickr. For all other images please contact the Photo Collection for use and copyright information:

For more information on the weed image project and contributors, please click here.

Online weed resources:

Australian Government:

'Weeds in Australia':

'Biosecurity Australia' weed assessment:

State and Territory government websites:

List of state and territory government roles in weed management:







ACT weeds strategy:


Other Australian sites:

Weeds Australia:

Council of Australasian Weed Societies Inc.:

The “Introduced Flora of Australia” can now be downloaded from any of the following sites:

Tropical and Subtropical Weeds Research Unit:

Link to the archived Weeds CRC website on Pandora:

WA: “Swan Weeds”, containing weed biology and management notes for environmental weeds in south-west WA, and feeds into the State Herbarium's website.

NSW, “Weeds of Blue Mountains Bushland”: Images of many common urban weeds and cool climate weeds, and information on control.

NSW, “ South Coast Weeds”:

NSW, “Southern Tablelands & South Coast Noxious Plants Committee”:

International resources:

New Zealand :

NZ Plant Protection Society:


International Environmental Weed Foundation:

The Bugwood Network (includes

Forest and Kim Starr:



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