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Tree of Trees

A public display at the Australian National Botanic Gardens illustrating recent research on Acacia phylogeny.

28 August to 14 September, 2009

This is a living display of the evolutionary relationships between Australian wattles (Acacias) called a phylogenetic tree. A tree of trees! The trunk and branches are represented by rope and the plants are clustered according to their evolutionary relationships. Plants close together are closely related - like siblings - while plants that are far apart are more like distant cousins.

These 58 plants belong to a large research project which has a goal to understand the evolutionary relationships of all 1,000 wattle species.

Part of the rope 'tree' illustrating Acacia phylogeny. (click to enlarge)

Acacia seedlings with explanatory labels.

Joe Miller with visitors at the start of the 'tree'.


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