Flora Malesiana III Symposium
Pteridophyte Workshop, 10 July 1995

Leader: Josephine Camus

Participants: Patrick Brownsey, Bob Chinnock, Kunio Iwatsuki, Bob Johns, Noriaki Murikami, Hans Nooteboom, Barbara Parris, Axel Dahlberg Poulson, Michael Zink, Runi Pungga, John Sugah

Apologies for absence: Dedy Darnaedi, Marco Roos

The meeting convened in the Sands Suite, and promptly relocated outdoors.

1. Oustanding families

The list of outstanding families was reviewed in a positive manner and possible authors discussed.

* needs funding; # family leader

Promised soon (i.e. work in progress)

Pteridaceae *Michael Zink, *Harald Schneider, Aziz Bidin 2000
Grammitidaceae Barbara Parris 2000
Polypodiaceae Peter Hovenkamp, Hans Nooteboom 1996
Marattiaceae Josephine Camus 1996
Psilotaceae Bob Chinnock  
Ophioglossaceae Herb Wagner (status uncertain) [now deceased]  
Blechnaceae Carrick Chambers (Blechnum), Barbara Parris (Doodia, done)  
Hymenophyllaceae Kunio Iwatsuki 2000
Dipteris Bob Johns 1996
Salvinia P.V. Madhusoodanan  

Authors offered (work to be done)

Dennstaedtiaceae Josephine Camus, Patrick Brownsey
Aspleniaceae Bob Johns, Noriaki Murikami
Dryopteridaceae Dedy Darnaedi (Dryopteris)
Selaginellaceae #Josephine Camus *post doc.
Vittaria #Bob Johns
Monachosoraceae Hans Nooteboom
Oleandraceae Bob Johns
Osmundaceae Hans Nooteboom
Plagiogyraceae Hans Nooteboom

Authors required

Lycopodiaceae Ben Ollgaard to be approached
Nephrolepis etc. ? Peter Hovenkamp
Marsilea ? David Johnson
Dryopteridaceae (excl. Dryopteris)  

Authors to consider

Hans Nooteboom free mid-1996
Bob Chinnock free 1998

A recruitment drive will take place next week during the Pteridophyte Symposium.

2. Flora Malesiana checklist

Barbara Parris offered to prepare a draft checklist to be circulated to other pteridologists for amendments. We were unclear as to the format and detail wanted by FM i.e. names, citations etc.

3. Data bases

Only four authors have specimen-based data bases for their genera:

Nooteboom (DBASE4), Johns (DBASE4), Camus (PARADOX 4.0), Zink (DBASE4).

4. Format

Contributors have or will be given copies of 'Directions for authors' and are happy with these directions.

We agreed that some information such as anatomical detail, cytological data, should be kept to a minimum where it did not help with identification.

Contributors should compile a 'family' glossary to be added to a main one.

5. Funding

This is required for Zink, Schneider and a Selaginella post-doctoral position at the BM.

We were unable to identify any potential sources; possibly a coal-mining company might be approached.

We suggest that the Pteridophytes are marketed as components of the epiphytic and terrestrial herb communities that are expected to react to environmental or edaphic changes faster than the longer lived tree component of the forest flora.

We do not have any audio-visual presentations, suitable transparencies can be provided for most purposes.

6. Education

Identification workshops held in Malesia and Indonesia would be greatly appreciated.

Suitable PhD projects will be identified; we recommend that PhD students be based in herbaria, not universities.