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5th International Flora Malesiana Symposium

9-14 September 2001, SYDNEY, Australia

Palm Mini-symposium
a symposium on the Palms of the Malesian region



John Dransfield (

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Conference and Symposium: Royal Botanic Gardens, SYDNEY, Australia
Associated workshops: Tropical Forest Research Centre, ATHERTON, North Queensland, Australia
Preconference tour: starting CAIRNS, North Queensland, Australia

Introduction and organization

A mini-symposium on Malesian palms is being run as part of the 5th International Flora Malesiana Symposium in Sydney, 9 - 14 September 2001.

This mini-symposium will focus on the floristics, phylogeny and biogeography of Malesian palms. Presentations will be in the form of presented papers and/or poster displays. The palms are of immense economic importance within the Malesian region. Two major focuses of current work are the palms of New Guinea and the rattans of the whole region and it is expected that these subjects will be well covered in the mini symposium. There will also be discussion of recent findings in palm phylogeny that are relevant to Malesian palms

The Palm mini-symposium will be programmed to fit in with and be a part of the main Flora Malesiana Symposium.

Tentative program

The following tentative program is based on preliminary indications from the people concerned. Attendance and titles are not yet final. Nevertheless we will attempt to keep this web version of the program as up to date as possible. Any changes to the program and the attendee list will be made on this web version first before being printed and distributed by other means.

Surname Firstname Country Email Activity   Taxon Topic Additional information
Baker Bill United Kingdom Keynote Address ok   Palms of New Guinea
Banka Roy Papua New Guinea        
Barford Anders Denmark Paper ok Licuala Contrasting pollination modes in Licuala
Dowe John Australia Paper ok Livistona Species delimitation in Livistona
Dransfield John United Kingdom Paper, Organizer ok Rattans Rattans of Borneo
Fernando Edwino Philippines Paper ok   Palms of Philippines  
Heatubun Charlie Indonesia        
Lewis Carl USA Paper ok Oncospermatoid palms Biogeographic connections between Malesia and the western Indian Ocean: Examples from the palm family
Mogea Johanis Indonesia        
Rustiami Himmah Indonesia Poster ok   Sumatran Palms
Saw Leng Guan Malaysia Paper      
Zona Scott USA Paper ok Ptychopsermatoid palms Ptychococcus


Tentative Program

First Session (Topic: Palms of New Guinea)
   Chair (John Dransfield)

   8.30-8.35 - Introduction (JD) 
   First Session (Palms of New Guinea) 
   8.35-9.15 - Keynote address The Palms of New Guinea
   Dr Bill Baker, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
   9.15-9.50 - "Endosperm condition and the paradox of Ptychococcus paradoxus    (Arecaceae)." Scott Zona, FTG 
Morning Tea - 10.30-11.00

Second Session (Phylogeny, biogeography andclassification)
   Chair (Bill Baker)
   11.00-11.35 - Biogeographic connections between Malesia and the western
   Indian Ocean: Examples from the palm family
   Carl Lewis
   11.35-12.10 -Livistona
   John Dowe
   12.10-12.45 - Sommieria, 
   Charlie D. Heatubun
   12.45-13.00 Discussion?

 Lunch - 13.00 -14.00
 Afternoon Session (Topic: Inventory work)
    Chair (Scott Zona)
 14.00 - 14.35 - The palm flora of the Philippines - endemism, rarity, and hotspots
   Edwino S. Fernando
   14.35-15.10 - Rattans of Kalimantan 
   Johanis P. Mogea
   15.10-15.45 - Rattans of Borneo - development of identification aids 
   John Dransfield 
 Afternoon Tea - 15.45 - 16.15

 Final Session (Topic: Biology)
   Chair (Scott Zona)

   16.15-16.45 - Contrasting pollination modes in Licuala 
   Anders Barfod
   16.45-17.15 - Morphological diversification in Licuala
   Saw Leng Guan
   17.15-17.30 Summary and Close 

Field Trips

Pre- and mid-conference field trips and excursions are being organized.

Organizers and Sponsors

The 5th International Flora Malesiana Symposium is being organized by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney and the Centre for Plant Plant Biodiversity Research and Australian National Herbarium, Canberra, on behalf of the Flora Malesiana Foundation, Leiden.

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