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Aboriginal Plant Use in SE Australia
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2. Riceflower

Pimelea linifolia

Habitat: Heaths; mountain forests
Season: Flowers in spring and summer

We know the bark of the Riceflower as 'Bushman's Bootlace', but here's how to make string:
Strip the bark, dry it, place in a stream for about one week, dry in sun, soften by chewing/beating with sticks and stones, roll on the thigh and spin into fine, strong thread.
During summer, people came to the high country to feast on thousands of Bogong moths. They caught them in strong, delicate string nets made from Pimelea bark.
Pimelea linifoliaRiceflower

Very fine net of string made from the bark of the Riceflower - used to catch Bogong Moths.
Pimelea linifolia net
'They had very fine meshes and were manufactured with great care, and being attached to a couple of poles they could be readily folded up when they had to be withdrawn from the crevices.' Helms 1895:594.


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