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Climbers for Temperate Climates - Shady Positions

Marianthus bicolor


Painted Billardiera Marianthus bicolor

Celastrus australis

2, 3

Staff Vine .Celastrus australis

Cissus antarctica

2, 3

Kangaroo Vine .Cissus antarctica
Clematis glycinoides Headache Vine .Clematis glycinoides
Dampiera hederacea Karri Dampiera .Dampiera hederacea
Freycinetia excelsa Climbing Pandan .Freycinetia excelsa

Geitonoplesium cymosum


Scrambling Lily .Geitonoplesium cymosum

Melodinus australis


. .Melodinus australis

Morinda jasminoides

2, 3

Sweet Morinda .Morinda jasminoides
Pandorea pandorana Wonga Wonga Vine .Pandorea pandorana

Passiflora cinnabarina


Red Passionflower Passiflora cinnabarina

Passiflora herbertiana


Native Passionfruit .Passiflora herbertiana

Pronaya fraseri


. .


  1. Requires some protection
  2. Tolerates light to moderate frosts
  3. Can be very vigourous in these climatic zones
    - better grown away from buildings
  4. Shrubby climber
  5. Good under cover in cool temperature


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