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Contributing authors

Publications and work in progress of the following authors have been used to code the relevant taxa.

M. Bresser (Phylacium)

A. Lee (Aenictophyton, Bossiaea, Crotalaria, Muelleranthus, Ptychosema)

R. Butcher (Sphaerolobium)

L. van der Maesen (Cajanus, Pueraria)

J. Chappill (Eutaxia, Gompholobium, Jacksonia, Latrobea, Otion, Phyllota, Sphaerolobium, Urodon)

L. Pedley (Dendrolobium, Desmodium, Mirbelia)

M. Crisp (Almaleea, Aotus, Callistachys, Chorizema, Daviesia, Gastrolobium, Gompholobium, Isotropis, Leptosema, Mirbelia, Otion, Oxylobium, Phyllota, Podolobium, Sphaerolobium, Stonesiella, Urodon, Viminaria)

J. Ross (Bossiaea, Christonia, Goodia, Hovea, Plagiocarpus, Platylobium, Templetonia, Thinicola)

S. Gilmore (Stonesiella)

B. Pfeil (Glycine)

J. Grimes (Cullen)

A. Schott (Callyera)

A. Holland (Rothia)

I. Thompson (Hovea)

P. Jobson (Dillwynia)

J. Thompson (Swainsona)

R. de Kok (Pultenaea)

P. Wilson (Indigofera)

Taxon Coding

The following collaborators coded taxa for The Pea Key:
Ed Biffin, Lindy Cayzer, Greg Chandler, Jenny Chappill, Ian Cowie, Peter Jobson, Rogier de Kok, Terena Lally, Anna Monro, Bernard Pfeil, Peter Wilson.  'Interactive Key to Turkish Trifolium'.

Contributing organisations


Photographs and line drawings have been provided by various sources:


Many images were provided courtesy of the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) National Plant Photographic Index, from the 'Interactive Key to Turkish Trifolium', FloraBase - Information on the Western Australian flora, C.E. Woolcock collection reproduced with permission of RBG Melbourne, and various private collections.

Individual photographers: D. Albrecht, B. Barnsely, J.Briggs, J. Chappill, W. Cooper, M. Crisp, CSIRO, A. Cureton, A. Doley, S. Donaldson, H. Eichler, M. Fagg, G. Flowers, A. Ford, F. Goulter, B. Gray, C. Green, D. Greig, B. Hacker, J. Hosking, R. Hotchkiss, F. Humphreys, R. Jackson, B. Jago, L. Jones, R. de Kok, N. Lamb, P. Latz, A. Lyne, C. Macdonald, D. Mallinson, G. Manley, J. Mant, G. McEwin, A. McWhirter, W. Molyneux, B. Muffet, K. Newbey, P. Ollerenshaw, C. Ormay, P. Ormay, B. Pfeil, D. Skirrow, H. Streimann, I. Telford, K. Thiele, I. Thompson, H. Thompson, C. Totterdell, A. Whalen, D. Woods, C. Woolcock, J. Wrigley.

Taxon line drawings

Courtesy of contributing journals and publications - see References.

Character illustrations

Sharyn Wragg and The Families of Flowering Plants of Australia key, K.R. Thiele & L.G. Adams (eds)

Graphic Design

Siobhan Duffy
CSIRO Plant Industry

Editorial matters and copyright attribution

Kirsten Cowley
Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research

Image and copyright caption linking

Jennifer Bailey
Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research


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