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Grevillea macleayana

Grevillea macleayana
Grevillea macleayana

Jervis Bay Grevillea

Grevillea macleayana (McGill.) Olde & Marriott

The natural occurrence of Grevillea macleayana is on the New South Wales south coast from Nowra to Ulladulla and west to Morton and Deua National Parks but it mainly grows around Jervis Bay and Booderee National Parks. It is commonly known as the Jervis Bay Grevillea. This species is classified as a rare plant.

distribution mapG. macleayana is a spreading to erect shrub which grows to about 4 m high. The leaves are simple, usually entire and petiolate about 2.5-20 cm long and 1-8 cm wide. It is a floriferus shrub with dull green leaves that are shapely and contrast harmoniously with new growth. It has a long flowering period, mainly in spring and summer. The terminal pink to crimson toothbrush racemes are very profuse. The follicle is reddish brown, 12-19 cm long and quite attractive.

This species thrives on the east coast of Australia although it has been grown successfully in Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and South Australia. It prefers well-drained acidic to neutral sand or loam. A position protected from strong winds will prevent damage to the shallow root system. Regular pruning is required to maintain its shape.

G. macleayana germinates readily from seed, especially when picked green and sown immediately. It is also easy to propagate from cuttings of firm new growth in any season. Seeds and cuttings can be grown successfully in a mixture of peat moss and coarse sand in the ratio 1:2.

G. macleayana has the following horticultural features:

* Prefers full sun
* Tolerates coastal conditions
* Tolerates frost to -5C
* Can be grown as a hedge or specimen shrub
* Attracts birds
* Grows quickly
* Tolerates neglect with minimal watering
* Interesting and attractive addition to a native garden.
* Can be purchased at many native nurseries.

Text by Jean Clarke (2002 Intern)

Name meaning: Grevillea macleayana

Grevillea - after C. F. Greville, an 18th century patron of botany and President of the Royal Society of London

macleayana - Originally proposed as a species name by J.H. Maiden in honour of William Macleay, a NSW Parliamentarian who was a strong supporter of science.


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